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Whale lounge is a nft trading tool project.

Only pass holders will have access to the website & alpha channels in discord 💎

Live stats of populer nfts, rare sniper, analyzes, listings, sales, charts, holder comparison, personalized feed and more.

We evaluate the features belonging to an nft over the probability of coming together. In some projects, there may be extra features that are not given on a probability basis, and the calculation method of each rarity site is different. Therefore, unless the nft project itself publishes it, whose account is correct is quite variable.

All the charts, listings, sales and all data you see on the page are live. There can be data losses and usually this problem is caused by opensea api.

Most voted features by community will be here.

These collections automatically added to the system.
  • 10 Bestsellers of yesterday
  • 10 Bestsellers of last hour
  • If you cannot find the collection you are looking for in the lounge, you can request it on discord.

A group of nft collectors and web3 programmers aiming to create the best trading tool in the NFT Space.

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