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Auto Free Minter (August 22th.)
Whale Events (August 22th.)
Art Collection Airdrop (Q4 2022)
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Live Trending


Trending collections by sale counts - 1 min to 24h.

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Collection Analyzes


Watch live Listing & Sales, Trait sniper, Owner count, Floor Thin, Floor Price, Charts, Bluechips and more.

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Live Feed


Create your own feed and Fast buy - Don't miss rare nfts or the next bluechip.

Minting Now


New collection mintings in 24h by mint counts in 5min 15min 30min 1h to 24h.

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Fast Buy (Auto Purchase with Private Key)


Fast buy to catch rare nfts before someone did.



Explore all nfts with traits & catch rares at reveal.

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Upcoming nft collections with social details.

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Watch all Lists, Sales, Mints.All opensea feed under control.Bestsellers nfts in seconds.Never miss a single thing.

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Auto Free Nft Minter

August 22th.

It automatically mints Nft to your wallet address. 24/7 never stops. constantly collects nft.

Whale Events

August 22th.

With Whale.Events, you can instantly monitor the activities of +50,000 NFT Whales..

Whale Lounge Review - You can choose subtittles language in settings